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The Video Distrometer are imaging point-monitoring precipitation gauges. They deliver details of individual particles and rain bulk parameters.


We developed two different types of Video Distrometer

2DVD (2D Video Distrometer)

Firstly, the globaly used 2D Video Distrometer is a robust and highly accurate precipitation gauge that provides data types which are not comparable to the data from any other instrument. Particles’ front and side view and precise stamps allow insights into precipitation micro-structure. This yields to enhanced results in many applications like atmospheric physics, radio wave propagation and also for practical issues like snow load on electrical power lines. 


1DVD (1D Video Distrometer)

The 1D Video Distrometer is a robust and cost-effective scientific instrument capable of delivering detailed per-particle and statistical information about all types of precipitation. The simplified operation is especially suited for scenarios such as meteorological service, weather monitoring for traffic and security purposes, presentweather sensing and applied technologies and process engineering. The data products, including contour, shape, estimated volume, diameter and vertical velocity, are valuable for scientific and technical applications on their own and can complement and expand the coverage provided by co-located 2DVD units.